Current projects

Madagascar - Tamatave


The SOWAT team will install, for MANAODE NGO, one device for PAACO farm cooperative which produce cane sugar, in order to preserve Bio certification. System will serve also clinic which is near farm cooperative. 




Departemental Council of Sibiu and twin city, La Mézière in Ille-et-vilaine (France), thanks to Oudin Santini law, finance one device to provide drinkable water for 1500 inhabitants.



Departemental Council of Sibiu finance one device for early 2017, allowing to 2000 inhabitants to have access to drinkable water.


In partnership with JTTI company, the SOWAT team will install one device, permitting to 1200 inhabitants to have drinkable water.


The SOWAT team with Polisano Fundation, are mobilized to provide one device to provide sterile water to pediatric hospital in Sibiu.




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