Technical Specification

1. Chemical free treatment

Our system purifies and disinfects water in one step, thanks to the succession of four different filters:

  • a stainless steel prefilter which stops micro-particles (100µm to 1 cm)
  • an AFM filter (active filter media) which is a recycled glass filter (20µm to 100µm) : it stops bacteria  by polarity, like two magnets that repel each other
  • an active carbon filter which will stop nitrates, chlorides, a big part of the heavy metals, odour and taste
  • an ultrafiltration module, made up of membranes with micro holes, which will stop all bacteria and viruses (0.01µm to 20µm)

The entire filtration is based on mechanical processes, no chemicals added!


2. Minimized maintenance

  • The SOWAT does not contain perishable consumables
  • For 10 years, the SOWAT users does not have to intervene on the system components
  • A "backwash" is programmed and automatically cleans the filters and reject impurities
  • Our team goes onsite, install the SOWAT, program it and train the users for a better understanding in case of needed maintenance.


3. Energy consumption reduced

The SOWAT consumes as much energy as a 60W bulb!

Thanks to its economic cycle it can run 24/24. The pump will start only when the pressure goes under 4 bars.

It can be easely adapted to any kind of energy source like solar panels or water turbines.


4. Easy to use

SOWAT is a top quality filter made ready for use, a user-friendly peak technology. The only thing the user must do is install the system near a fresh water source, immerse a pipe in it, and press the SOWAT switch... water will be pumped out, then passed through the four stages of filtration. The backwash is to be programmed by our team according to the water quality.


5. Robust and stable

The SOWAT comes in a galvanized metal shell that allows it to withstand blows, bad weather, landslides…


6. Movable

The SOWAT dimensions are as big as a Euro pallet (1.20 m x 0.8m x 1.4 m).It weighs 250 kg, making it a stable element once installed, but also easily transportable using a forklift or a lift truck; you can easily move the system from a place to another in a pick-up truck. Several hooks and a metal support-pallet are integrated in its metallic shell.


7. Competitive price

Its price, calculated for its service life and production rate, means being able to produce drinking water for one person during an entire year for less than 2 Euros!


Summarized technical information

Size (m): 1.20 x 0.8 x 1.4

Weight: 250 kg

Consumption: 1200 W\h

Production: 25 m3 to 100 m3/day

Filtering : viruses, bacteria, nitrates, chlorides, heavy metals



Water Quality standards



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